Why Mission?

Many Christians think “mission” and “evangelism” are synonymous. Our text in Romans 15:17-24 sheds some light on this common misconception.

Indeed mission and evangelism are two different callings and if the differences are not well understood, both will suffer. This message takes a biblical look at missions and includes modern statistics about the unreached of the world. Towards the end of the message there is a tribute to the late Vernon Anderson, a wonderful man of God and an exemplary missionary.

May you be challenged to put more effort into evangelism, support missions, and even answer that great calling to go to the regions beyond!


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3 responses to “Why Mission?”

  1. Ben Anderson says:

    Hi Pastor Jesse, Thanks for sharing this message on mission–and for the example of my father. We all miss him, but we praise the Lord that the ministry is continuing to move out to the unreached. How sad to think of the millions who have no hope! Joyce and I leave on July 19 for Kenya, South Africa and Uganda. See you at the next TCM meeting! May the Lord bless you and The Point. In Christ, Ben

  2. Kenneth Omictin says:

    This message encourages me to pray for the TCM Missionaries and learn about their needs through their prayer letters and lift them up to the throne of God on a regular basis.
    Thank You Pastor Jesse!

    Ken from Dubai, UAE

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