Grand Finale

While watching the fireworks last night, my Grace (6yrs old) kept asking,

“Is this the grand finale?”

Each time I responded,

“When it’s the grand finale you won’t have to ask, you’ll just know.”

That’s the way a grand finale should be, right? If not, it’s really not all that grand!

Well, this time the finale did not disappoint. There was a series of bursts that hinted, then several more that confirmed “this is it!”. In true finale fashion it did not end there, but kept building and building to content satisfaction, and then building some more. A slow crescendo, breaking down the walls of even the most stoic. I found myself laughing, yes laughing with delight as my ridiculous thought, “what if it gets even better?”, came true right before my eyes.


Nothing can simulate a live fireworks show.

There was a news crew there. As I glanced at the expensive camera aimed skyward, I thought, “hmm, must be a fairly wide angle lens…” But you know, not even the widest, highest quality lens can do any justice to the field and depth of vision of our human eyes. Then there’s the sound. Sure, you can replicate that volume with impressive speakers, but there is something about the position in the sky, the reverberation through the night, the volume over great distance, and the percussion of pyrotechnics that just can’t be outdone artificially. It’s something to behold in person, up close.


At one point, during a particularly large showering display of sparkly gold, I momentarily imagined being in the presence of God – in heaven – in front of His glory, no, enveloped by His glory. As the old hymn says,

O what a foretaste of glory divine!

Waterfalls are like that too. The Bible says that God’s voice is like “the roar of rushing waters”! This verse in Ezekiel 43:2 goes on to say “and the land was radiant with His glory.” Just like the faces in the crowd light up in the reflection of a grand finale, one day your face will be illuminated by the glory of God.

What a day that will be! Praise the Lord for small glimpses ahead of time!

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