Barbaric or Human? Where was God?

Judges 21:21-22 – when the men came and took wives as they danced and the way they explained it afterwards, I thought, “how primitive!”. Also the killing of men, women, and children (Jud 21:10-11, their own decision, not commanded by God this time)… a critic might say how could a good God allow such things, but is God’s job or even his purpose to create a utopian life, by human standards? And aren’t we, even in our “modern”, “enlightened” state still quite primitive and barbaric by His standards anyway?

There is a difference in perspective. We see barbarism and primitiveness as compared to our own advancement and civility and blame God. We must think we are more evolved than the God of those ancient peoples, that we could have done a better job being their god. By comparison, God sees us all as barbaric, selfish, primitive sinners. He works within the context of our existence, because he sees beyond the physical world.

More important than the physical conditions is our spiritual condition and the spiritual lessons learned while we are in this physical life. Sometimes things that are unthinkable to us physically seem to pass by God unnoticed. He notices, it’s just that compared to the spiritual plane, those physical events are “small potatoes”. Romans 8:18

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