Core Values

  • Community Lifestyle

“I will live my life in a way that exemplifies God’s design of relationship.”

“I will build my activities around the kind of life Gods wants for me. It is a life I want to live – a life of connectedness, belonging, and contribution. My being will define my activities and my activities will define my being. The way I live will match who I am: Made in God’s image, I am a person of community”

  • Ownership Attitude

“It is God who makes it possible. Yet, His design for possibility becoming reality includes the power of decision granted to me. My attitude will reflect the fact that the responsibility is mine. This church is mine. My growth is up to me. I am an instrument of God and stand before Him to receive His wonderful rewards. I will yield my will to His. I will not make excuses or blame, but will answer the Lord for myself.”

  • Eternal Perspective

 “I view life on an eternal timescale. Everything I see hits my eyes through lenses of the everlasting. My ups and downs, purpose, calling, failures and successes, the people, relationships, and all of everything is framed in an eternal context.”


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