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The Point Core Values Pt 1 – Community LifestylePart 1 in our series on The Point’s Core Values. Community Lifestyle says, "I live my life in a way that exemplifies God's design of relationship." “Rather than a calendar full of obligations, I will build my activities around the kind of life God wants for me (and therefore the life I want to live), which is one of connectedness, belonging, and contribution -- a life in association with others.” “My being will define my activities and my activities will define my being. The way I live will match who I am. Made in God's image, I am a person of community.”

Community Lifestyle Community Lifestyle Community Lifestyle - Slideshow One Another Verses - Handout  

Judge Not! (?)What does the Bible have to say about judging others? Is it really our place, or not?

To Judge or Not To Judge To Judge or Not To Judge To Judge or Not to Judge Slideshow    

Why Pray?Why pray? Have you ever wondered why we need to pray if God already knows what we need before we ask? What exactly happens when we pray and what should we expect when we pray? This is the first message in a short series called: "The Influence of Prayer"

Why Pray? Why Pray?      

Turning the CornerA Christian has something in common with the unbeliever - Christ died for them both. The fear of the judgment and the love of Christ for what he did to save us, should drive a believer to share the good news - leaving them no option but to speak up. For many of us this vision does not match the reality in our life - that we don't evangelize much if at all.

Turning the Corner Turning the Corner Turning the Corner_slideshow    

Why Mission?Many Christians think "mission" and "evangelism" are synonymous. Our text in Romans 15:17-24 sheds some light on this common misconception, and challenges us to do a better job with both.

Why Mission? Why Mission? Why Mission? slideshow    

Eat Meat (or Not)Tolerance is a big topic these days. Unfortunately, what is being passed as tolerance is often "forced neutrality" instead. Listen to find out how we can reclaim genuine tolerance and be known for love without compromising truth.

20120311_Eat Meat or Not_E2 20120311_Eat Meat or Not_E2 20120311_Romans 14.1-13 - Eat Meat (or not)_slideshow    

God is for YOU!God is for YOU! No Accusation, No Condemnation, No Separation.

God is For You God is For You God is for You_slideshow God is For You - handout  
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