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What’s Your StyleIn this special Father's Day message we take a look at the people recognized by name in Romans 16:1-16 and ask "What will you be recognized for?" The service ended with a call to husbands and fathers to take a courageous stand for biblical manhood. Ten men stood and declared their resolution to be men of God.

20120617_What's Your Style_ w-Resolution Ceremony 20120617_What's Your Style_ w-Resolution Ceremony 20120617_What's Your Style - slideshow 20120617_Whats your Style - Handout  

Why Mission?Many Christians think "mission" and "evangelism" are synonymous. Our text in Romans 15:17-24 sheds some light on this common misconception, and challenges us to do a better job with both.

Why Mission? Why Mission? Why Mission? slideshow    

Service PleaseSelfless Service Pleases Others (for their good) and God (for His glory) The Bible and God Himself empowers us to have hope and to have unity

Service Please Service Please      

Live to the LordWe live for ourselves in our behavior, but in fact Christians live for God, we are "bought with a price." Christ followers must get their behavior in line with the reality that "you are not your own", you are the Lord's!

Live to the Lord Live to the Lord 20120318_Romans 14.7-8 - We Live to the Lord_slideshow How To Live For God  

Eat Meat (or Not)Tolerance is a big topic these days. Unfortunately, what is being passed as tolerance is often "forced neutrality" instead. Listen to find out how we can reclaim genuine tolerance and be known for love without compromising truth.

20120311_Eat Meat or Not_E2 20120311_Eat Meat or Not_E2 20120311_Romans 14.1-13 - Eat Meat (or not)_slideshow    

Live for the Day!Live for the Day! Get Up, Get Armed, Get Dressed!

20120304_Live for the Day 20120304_Live for the Day      

Owe Only LoveThere is debt we should not incur and there's a debt we should not and cannot ever pay off.

20120226 Love & Debt_E1 20120226 Love & Debt_E1 20120226_Romans 13.1-8 - Owe Only Love_slideshow    

Beautiful FeetAn encouraging message to those who may be languishing in their efforts to tell others about the good news of salvation.

Beautiful Feet Beautiful Feet 20111211_Romans 10 - Beautiful Feet_slideshow Beautiful Feet handout  

Submitting to the Righteousness of GodRomans 10 - The Gospel is a gift, will you receive it? vv 1-4 - Christ is the end of the law vv 5-8 - The gospel is near vv 9-13 - Received by a choice

Submitting to the Righteousness of God Submitting to the Righteousness of God 20111204_Romans 10 - Submitting to the Righteousness of God_slideshow    

The Sovereignty of God (Can God be Trusted?) – Part 2Romans 9 is a hotly debated chapter. The questions addressed are "Is God's word trustworthy/reliable?" and "Is God Himself trustworthy/reliable?". Romans 9 has the answers to these questions and shows us the importance of faith

The Sovereignty of God (Can God be Trusted?) - Part 2 The Sovereignty of God (Can God be Trusted?) - Part 2      
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