Life IS Short

April 1st, 2011

Twice today I heard news of someone passing away suddenly.  One a friend and one a stranger.

This morning someone told me of a car accident they witnessed and of the young woman he had administered first aid to.  She did not make it.

Then tonight I found out that a young man I had been speaking to this week died just last night.  I was planning to drop in on him at his place of work tomorrow and catch a late lunch once he got off at 2pm.  I’m sure he also had plans for today and tomorrow and the weekend.  His facebook post earlier in the day Wednesday said “so ready for friday!!!”

No doubt the young woman who died from the car accident also had plans for her weekend.

These deaths were so sudden, so premature for their young lives, affording no goodbyes or closure for their family and friends.

There are a few biblical concepts which come to my mind in the midst of the shock and disorientation which I feel.  First, I have to say that my own difficulty in processing the grievous finality of death pales in comparison to those closest to the deceased.  It is tempting for us as Christians to rush in with soothing words, yet those who feel the full weight of the loss know all too well that it does not diminish the pain the way we think it ought to.  This is why my first recollection from Scripture is that death really is terrible.  There is no softening it: death stings.

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