51 Things…

January 27th, 2011

There are many wonderful things which happen to a person at the moment they place their trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior. 

I heard once that someone counted 51 such things!  After searching a while I found that a man named Jim Brettell had catalogued just such a list on www.markkwilliamson.com.  I’ve posted them below rather than simply referring you to that site, because we have this cool little feature where the Bible verses will show up if you hover over the reference!

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The “Right” Method of Evangelism

May 21st, 2010

Telling someone the good news (gospel) of the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ certainly is the most important message we can give anybody. For this reason, it is important to discuss the various methods, although the best method is simply the one you use!

Years back I read a book that helped me tremendously when sharing the gospel. It’s called “Engaging the Closed Minded” by Dan Story.

In the opening chapter Dan Story acknowledges the full range of methods from friendship evangelism to street preaching. Some methods emphasize the grace of God (Gospel), while other methods emphasize the law of God (Law), and still other methods emphasize proving the things of God (Apologetics). He argues that the application of Law, Gospel, or Apologetics depends on the person to whom you are speaking.

We must be aware that not everyone will benefit from the same approach. Since different people go through life with different views of God and different views of salvation, we must adjust our methods to reach them more effectively. This is not to be confused with changing our message. The message does not change, only the method.

When it comes to their understanding of God, people typically fall into one of four groups.

  1. They believe in God, but do not understand or believe in Jesus as their personal Savior
  2. They consider themselves to be “spiritual” people or “religious” but do not necessarily believe in the God of the Bible.
  3. They do not believe in God at all or question His existence (atheist, and agnostics)
  4. They are “Christian” in name only – by family, or morals, or worldview.

And when it comes to their understanding of salvation, a person typically:

  1. Feels unworthy of salvation or doesn’t know how to be saved.
  2. Believes there are many paths to God.
  3. Doesn’t believe in or rejects their need for salvation, or even the concept of salvation.
  4. Understands and believes the gospel but chooses to rest on their own merit. They haven’t made the gospel personal.

Which method best fits each person in these different groups? Spend a few minutes thinking of different scenarios and whether Law, Gospel, or Apologetics would be appropriate. Pray that God will speak to you through his Holy Spirit to show you how to best share the good news of salvation to those around you. If you feel weak in one of these areas, please tell someone about it today who can help you grow in that area.

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