Childlike Faith

May 7th, 2012

A recent experience caused me to reflect on how we Christians are too slow and careful about trying something new. This was highlighted to me when Stacey and I gave our son an mp3 player for his birthday.

A few minutes after he had opened it, and before I could explain how to do things, he was already playing a game on the computer that “came from his mp3 player.” We saw that he had hooked up the device to the computer and navigated to the onboard games.

Now, we all know how smart kids are with technology. As the parent we are amazed, but still basically understands what the kid is doing. Then you have the grandparent…

The grandparent, before taking any action, wants to understand every detail about the process, what each term means, what’s going on behind the scenes, what could go wrong at each step, how to avoid all the problems that might arise, and then want to test and verify before doing the real thing. After learning all that, it would be enough for the day, and the actual doing would be put off. Then, the memory of all the complexity carries over to the next time he has an opportunity to try it.

He says,
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