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Guest Speaker: Phil LargentPastor Jesse is on a much deserved vacation, so guest preacher Bill Hines steps on stage today to talk about how God can make us unstoppable.

Bill Hines Bill Hines      

Mind ControlJoin us for the third to last segment of the 30/3 Project as Pastor Jesse looks at what the Bible has to say about about our thought lives, and how to manage them in a godly manner.

Thought Life Thought Life 20130317_Mind Control_-_Slideshow    

Don’t Worry…Everybody has heard the phrase "don't worry, be happy." But that doesn't really take care of all the worries we have, and even if it did, it wouldn't be in a Godly manner. In this week of the 30/3 project, let's see what the Bible suggests for dealing with our worry.

Don't Worry Don't Worry Don’t Worry Slideshow    

Rest and StrengthRest is an important element of the human life; why do you think God took the seventh day to rest and implemented the Sabbath? It wasn't because He needed it, it's because we need it.

Rest and Strength Rest and Strength Rest and Strength Slideshow    

Love OthersRight after loving God comes loving others, which is the second greatest commandment. Find out what else the Bible has to say about loving others in this fourth part of the 30/3 project.

Love Others Love Others Love Others Slideshow    

Love GodWhat does the Bible say about loving God, and just how important is it? This is the third week of the 30/3 project.

Love God Love God      


Faith Faith Faith Slideshow    

Hide it in Your Heart

Hide it in Your Heart Hide it in Your Heart Hide it in Your Heart Slideshow    

The Ambiguity and Certainty of Scripture


What does 1 Corinthians 1:7 mean “so that you come short in no gift…”?

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