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Growth – Guest Speaker Cale BerghPastor Jesse is on a family retreat this weekend, so church elder Cale Bergh steps in to talk about growth, and all the different elements of that and how it applies to our walk with God.

Growth Growth      

Be Prepared for God--NOTE: the first part of this message was not recorded, the recording picks up part way through.-- We need to be prepared for God; it's not a one way street where he takes care of us. Jesse talks about how we can practically prepare for our Lord and Savior in this enlightening sermon.

Be Prepared for God Be Prepared for God      

Blessed be God…Oh to Serve Him! Part 1God prepares for you, do you prepare for Him? In this sermon from Luke 1 you will the back story to the popular Romans 12:1 verse. We explore the magnitude of God's preparation and gifts to His people Israel Then we’ll show how God's preparation for you today is even greater. The very least we can do is prepare for Him, serve Him!

Blessed Be God...Oh to Serve Him! Blessed Be God...Oh to Serve Him! Blessed Be God...Oh to Serve Him! Slideshow    

A Happy Relationship with GodJoy is an important thing to have, especially in our relationship with God. Sometimes it can be hard, but having a happy relationship with God is the key to a fruitful life.

A Happy Relationship With God A Happy Relationship With God      

Guest Speaker: Cale BerghThis is the last week of Jesse's vacation, and elder Cale Bergh takes the last sermon before his return.

Cale Bergh Cale Bergh      

Guest Speaker: Gary HinesPastor Jesse is still on vacation, so this week he have Gary Hines preaching on God uncovering.

Gary Hines Gary Hines      

Guest Speaker: Phil LargentPastor Jesse is on a much deserved vacation, so guest preacher Bill Hines steps on stage today to talk about how God can make us unstoppable.

Bill Hines Bill Hines      

Breaking the Myths about GodContinuing our "Myths" series this Sunday with "Breaking the God Myths". Here's a sampling: -Myth: God Doesn't Exist (or living as if He doesn't!) -Myth: God Doesn't Care (He's mean, or He's indifferent) -Myth: God Doesn't Know Best (my senses tell me what's best) -Myth: God's Rewards are Second Rate (Who wants to sit on the clouds playing a harp anyway?) -Myth: God is Untrustworthy (He says one thing, but my circumstances prove otherwise)

Breaking the Myths About God Breaking the Myths About God Breaking the Myths about God Slideshow    

God Delivers Out of StrugglesWe take a break from the myth breaking series to have a guest pastor speak about God delivering us out of troubles and struggles.

God Delivers Out of Troubles God Delivers Out of Troubles God Delivers Out of Troubles Slideshow    

Don’t Worry…Everybody has heard the phrase "don't worry, be happy." But that doesn't really take care of all the worries we have, and even if it did, it wouldn't be in a Godly manner. In this week of the 30/3 project, let's see what the Bible suggests for dealing with our worry.

Don't Worry Don't Worry Don’t Worry Slideshow    
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