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When In Rome…Paul willingly went to Rome, to be imprisoned and tried. He saw it as an opportunity to spread the gospel, and that's something we can all learn from.

When In Rome... When In Rome...      

Turning the CornerA Christian has something in common with the unbeliever - Christ died for them both. The fear of the judgment and the love of Christ for what he did to save us, should drive a believer to share the good news - leaving them no option but to speak up. For many of us this vision does not match the reality in our life - that we don't evangelize much if at all.

Turning the Corner Turning the Corner Turning the Corner_slideshow    

Beautiful FeetAn encouraging message to those who may be languishing in their efforts to tell others about the good news of salvation.

Beautiful Feet Beautiful Feet 20111211_Romans 10 - Beautiful Feet_slideshow Beautiful Feet handout  

Submitting to the Righteousness of GodRomans 10 - The Gospel is a gift, will you receive it? vv 1-4 - Christ is the end of the law vv 5-8 - The gospel is near vv 9-13 - Received by a choice

Submitting to the Righteousness of God Submitting to the Righteousness of God 20111204_Romans 10 - Submitting to the Righteousness of God_slideshow    

Deep AffectionWhere does deep affection for unbelievers come from? A close examination of Paul's affection for Israel in Romans 9:1-5 sheds some light.

Deep Affection Deep Affection      

“enlivened together with Christ”!!!


51 Things…


The “Right” Method of Evangelism

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